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It is our pleasure to create and release major projects to additionally build up one of the leading global dermo cosmetic brands – Eucerin.


Our various and numerous brand campaigns include activities such as Google and Facebook ads, web updates and maintenance, recording and adapting videos, making photo-sessions and print graphics, increased activities on social media, sending press-releases, BTL appearances etc.


Some campaigns we’re proud of: ‘AtopiControl: Caress of care’, ‘Beauty advisor by Simona Antonović’, ‘Vitamin C booster’, ‘Recycle & Receive’, ‘120 years of skin care’, ‘Gloria Glam Pop’ with Jelena Veljača, ‘Eucerin #spring boost’, ‘Eucerin care for every generation’, ‘Don’t wait, CHECK (sun spots) with Eucerin!’ etc.

Find out more on Eucerin website.